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AutoSwitch - Switch Camera on Trigger

This program provides an example using the SwitchCamera() and SwitchGrab() API commands with multiple triggers on the PXC200F and PXC200AF. The other versions of the PXC family, PXC200L, PXC200AL, and SP2019, have only a single trigger and cannot be used with this program.


Switches to camera 0 thru 3 to match the last trigger.


Switches a grab to one of 4 buffers depending on the last trigger.

Together these two commands can be used to switch a grab to one of 4 buffers and match the buffers to the cameras depending on the last trigger. If you have trigger lines 0 thru 3, cameras 0 thru 3, and buffers 0 thru 3, then a trigger on line 2 will place a grab from camera 2 into buffer 2.

The main command sequence aside from setting up the triggers is as follows:


In the example program, the triggers are setup in AppInit and the main algorithm is in AppIdle. Aside from those modifications, this program is very much like our sample PXCDRAW1.C.

You can search for the word AUTOSWITCH to find the important code changes.