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Video Gain Differences
    between PXC200 and PXC200A

The shape of the Mean RGB Value vs. White Reference Voltage curves is slightly different between the PXC200 and PXC200A. In addition, at low video input values, the differences become more pronounced. Some PXC200 customers may have applications that are sensitive to these differences.

Customers who are using the PXC200 in strictly visual applications such as security and visual inspection will probably not be able to see the difference between the two products, even when the output is placed side-by-side. Mixed configurations of PXC200 and PXC200A will probably not be a problem for these customers.

Customers who are using the PXC200 in vision applications where extensive calibration has been done, or other applications where specific color values are expected, may need to make application or calibration changes to use the PXC200A. These customers might not be able to use mixed configurations of the PXC200 and PXC200A.