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PXCDD - DirectDraw Sample Programs

Win32 Systems (Win95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP)

This package includes the DirectDraw DLL (PXCDD.dll) and the source code for three sample programs named LIVE, CROSS and OCLOCK.

The PXCDD library (PXCDD.dll) is an extension to the standard device drivers and DLLs provided with the Imagenation PXC Series frame grabbers and assumes no prior knowledge of DirectDraw. It gives you the ability to do a real time display with non-destructive overlays without putting a drag on the CPU.

The PXCDD.dll provides a simplified interface to the complexities of DirectDraw and is presented only as a convenience. If you are already familiar with DirectDraw you may want to ignore our DLL and create your own surfaces.

The PXCDD library treats DirectDraw surfaces as frames allowing PXC library functions to perform the same operations on these surfaces as they would on any PXC frame. The difference is that the PXCDD frame is held in VGA memory, and can be blitted to the display using DirectDraw methods and optional non-destructive overlays.

This sample shows how to do a real time display. If your VGA card has enough memory, this sample will bypass the computer's main memory and send images directly to the VGA card thus taking a load off of the CPU.

This sample demonstrates the use of a non-destructive overlay by drawing a static crosshair in the center of the screen.

This sample draws a clock as the non-destructive overlay and updates it regularly.