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The Cortex-1 is the first frame grabber ever produced by Imagenation. It was discontinued in 1995 and replaced by the CX family of products. The CX will operate in either CX-mode or Cortex-mode. If you need to replace a Cortex-1 you should buy a CX100 and use the libraries for the Cortex-1.
The Cortex-1 has support only for DOS and Windows 3.1.
The Cortex-1 has no way of switching between NTSC and CCIR cameras. If you wish to run the Cortex with a NTSC camera, you need the m_diskn. If you wish to run with a CCIR / PAL camera, you need the k_diskc.
Cortex Complete Distribution Disks with Drivers & Samples
M_DISKN.EXE (488 KB) DOS / Windows 3.1x - Rev M for NTSC cameras (FINAL)
K_DISKC.EXE (488 KB) DOS / Windows 3.1x - Rev K for CCIR / PAL cameras (FINAL)
Cortex Manuals & Guides
FG.EXE (36 KB) DOS software manual (also contained in archives above)
WFG.EXE (35 KB) Windows software manual (also contained in archives above)
PORTING.PDF (22 KB) Porting Cortex software to the CX Series
Cortex Example Source Code
W_CORTEX.EXE (36 KB) Win 3.1 example showing how to display video in a window