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PXD Installation Disks (complete and runtime)
PXD_v306.EXE (5 MB) Complete installation for Win 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista - Rev 3.06 (Jun 2007)
PXD_v21R.EXE (800 KB) Runtime installation for Win 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP - Rev 2.1 (Sep 2003)
PXD_DOS.EXE (205 KB)  DOS libraries (no longer being updated)  (ReadMe)
PXD Manuals & Guides
1000-02.PDF (2.0 MB) Hardware and software (API) manual for PXD - (Dec 1999)
QS_Guide.PDF (170 KB) Quick Start Guide for PXD installation - (Aug 2003)
CB_CABLE.EXE (270 KB) Cable color code descriptions CB-011-00-10 and CB-012-00-10
CABLE_V1.PDF (550 KB) Detailed Cable Construction Guide
Troubleshooting (70 KB) PXD Series Installation Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
PXD Camera Configuration Files & Guides
BA101.EXE (70 KB) Basler Area Scan A101  (Previously A113)
BL102.EXE (170 KB) Basler Line Scan L102  (Previously L130)
BL203.EXE (170 KB) Basler Line Scan L203  (Previously L240)
DALSA.EXE (115 KB) Dalsa CA-D4/D7
KPF100.EXE (60 KB) Hitachi KPF 100
KODAK   (Kodak MASD has been acquired by Roper Scientific)
ES001.EXE (75 KB) Kodak KAC-ES001
ES10.EXE (70 KB) Kodak Megaplus ES 1.0
ES14.EXE (70 KB) Kodak Megaplus ES 1.4i
TM1001.EXE (55 KB) Pulnix TM 1001-02
TM1010.EXE (50 KB) Pulnix TM 1010
TM1020.EXE (50 KB) Pulnix TM 1020-15
TM1040.EXE (30 KB) Pulnix TM 1040
TM1300.EXE (60 KB) Pulnix TM 1300
TM6710.EXE (55 KB) Pulnix TM 6710
TM9701.EXE (50 KB) Pulnix TM 9701
RLS.EXE (170 KB) Reticon Line Scan
UNIQ.EXE (45 KB) UNIQ Cameras: UC-600, UP-600, UP-1000, UP-1030, UP-900
PXD Drivers for Image Processing Packages
Common Vision Blox Common Vision Blox is distributed by Stemmer Imaging GmbH
HALCON HALCON is distributed by MVTec Software GmbH
ActivVisionTools ActivVisionTools is distributed by MVTec Software GmbH
XCaliper XCaliper is distributed by FSI Automation
PXD Application Notes
GEN-002   Using The Imagenation Software Protection Feature
PXD-001 (570 KB) Converting a Bayer pattern to RGB  (ReadMe)
PXD Example Source Code
SAMPLES.EXE (740 KB) Win32 Samples from the distribution CD
EXPOSURE.EXE (230 KB) Win32 Exposure control sample  (ReadMe)
PXD_BASIC.EXE (50 KB) Visual Basic Sample board control program  (ReadMe)
PXD1000 C#.EXE (59.5 KB) Win32 Video display example for C#  (ReadMe)
PXDBasic_net (71 KB) Board control & single-buffer display for .NET (ReadMe)