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Founded in 1990, Imagenation was built on the belief that the personal computer would one day supplant specialized hardware in the machine vision market, opening vast opportunities for low-cost, precision frame grabbers.

Since its first frame grabber, the Cortex I, Imagenation continues to evolve its product offerings. With the CX family, Imagenation offered standard ISA format and embedded systems using PC/104 or STD configurations. The PX family, available in standard PCI format with PC/104-Plus and CompactPCI versions, broke new ground for Imagenation by providing full support for high-resolution, non-interlaced video from progressive scan CCD cameras.

The PXC frame grabber family provides color or monochrome video capture capabilities at an affordable price. The PXC family is available in standard PCI, PC/104 and Compact PCI form factors. Designed for applications with high data rates and resolution capture capabilities, Imagenation further developed its product line with the introduction of its first digital frame grabber, PXD1000. The PXD1000 V2 was later released with 4 MB on-board FIFO and an improved method for memory allocation.

On October 25, 2000 Imagenation began a new chapter with its acquisition by CyberOptics Corporation, Minneapolis, MN (Nasdaq NMS: CYBE). CyberOptics is a recognized worldwide leader in optical technology and inspection systems designed to improve yields and throughput in manufacturing processes.

Together they will provide the marketplace with a more complete technology - CyberOptics’ optical- and laser-based technologies, coupled with Imagenation’s vision-based frame grabbers and VisionCell solutions.