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PXC Family Products
  PXC200L, PXC200F, PXC200AL, PXC200AF  
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Complete PXC Distribution Disks with Drivers & Samples
The PXC200A was released in Aug 2001 as a replacement for the PCI versions of the PXC200. The file below named pxc_13.exe contains all of the Win32 drivers, samples, and manual for the PXC200A.
PXC_13.EXE (5 MB) Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista - Release 13 (May 2007)
PXC_14.EXE (5 MB) Windows 2000/XP/Vista- Release 14 (Sept. 2009)
PXC_15.EXE (7 MB) Windows 64 bit - Release 15 (May. 2012)
QNX4_PXCv2.0 (860 KB) QNX 4.24 & 4.25 - Rev 2.0 (Nov 2002)   (ReadMe)
QNX6_PXCv2.0 (200 KB) QNX 6.3.x - Rev 2.0 (Oct 2004)   (ReadMe)
Old PXC Distribution Disks
PXC31_07.EXE (780 KB) DOS / Watcom - Rev 3.0 (Aug 2001)
PXC31_05.EXE (860 KB) DOS / Watcom & Windows 3.1x - Rev 2.3 (Jul 1998)
Non-supported Drivers and Interface Files
LINUX   Links to websites where Linux drivers can be found
DELPHI   Delphi interface files
PXC Manuals & Guides
MN_200_03A.PDF (1.1 MB) Manual for PXC Series products - Rev 3A (Aug 2001)
Trouble-shooting (60 KB) PXC Series Installation Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
GAIN_DIFF (1 KB) A short discussion of the differences in video gain between the PXC200 and PXC200A
MN_200_02.PDF (1.2 MB) Old Manual for PXC Series products - Rev 2 (Dec 1997)
PXC Drivers for Image Processing Packages
Common Vision Blox Common Vision Blox is distributed by Stemmer Imaging GmbH
HALCON HALCON is distributed by MVTec Software GmbH
ActivVisionTools ActivVisionTools is distributed by MVTec Software GmbH
XCaliper XCaliper is distributed by FSI Automation
Optimas Optimas is distributed by Media Cybernetics
PXC Example Source Code  (Win32 and C/C++)
PXCDRAW (160 KB) Video display using Windows GDI  (ReadMe)
4CAM (70 KB) Camera switching   (ReadMe)
SINGLEF (80 KB) Single field grab and display   (ReadMe)
AUTOSWITCH (75 KB) Camera switch corresponding to trigger   (ReadMe)
PXC_Control (100 KB) Control PXC and use toolbar and status bar   (ReadMe)
PXCDD (209 KB) 3 samples using Direct Draw   (ReadMe)
PXC Example Source Code  (C#)
PXC200A C# (60 KB) Video display example for C#   (ReadMe)
4CAM C# (60 KB) Camera switching for C#   (ReadMe)
PXC Example Source Code  (Visual Basic)
PXCBASIC (45 KB) Standard board control sample (ReadMe)
CROSSHAIR (45 KB) PXCBASIC with a CROSS HAIR overlay (ReadMe)
PXCBasic_net (68 KB) Board control & single-buffer display for .NET (ReadMe)
PXCBasic2_net (68 KB) Board control & double-buffer display for .NET (ReadMe)
PXC Application Notes
Auto Contrast (100 KB) An automatic contrast and brightness control application for PXC200A   (ReadMe)
Multi-thread (300 KB) A multi-threaded display application for PXC200A   (ReadMe)
GEN-002   Using The Imagenation Software Protection Feature
CAN-004 (120 KB) PXC200 & Sony XC-003 in DONPISHA (Non-reset mode)
CAN-007 (90 KB) Integration with Cohu 4910
DMATEST (500 KB) PCI bandwidth testing in DOS  (ReadMe)
PXC API Supplements and Explanations