Should a Frame Grabber
Be Part of Your Picture?

5 Key Questions to Ask
About Your Vision Application

This new white paper from CyberOptics Semiconductor will help you identify when a frame grabber is the right choice.

Vision system designers throughout the world rely on CyberOptics Semiconductor for its Imagenation™ family of frame grabbers and for the authoritative guidance and technical support that's available person-to-person and online.

This white paper is an unbiased synopsis of how CyberOptics helps vision system developers make fundamental decisions about their frame grabber needs.

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CyberOptics Semiconductor:
Providing the best in machine vision and customer attention.

CyberOptics Semiconductor is one of the industry's leading authorities in frame grabbers and machine vision applications. Its Imagenation family of frame grabbers is a world-class family of analog and digital boards supported by easy installation packages and software utilities.

Chances are, your machine vision systems will benefit from CyberOptics Semiconductor's far-reaching experience. Customers enjoy a built-in connection to live engineering and installation support experts, as well as to online frame grabber expertise in the form of selection guides, white papers, and in-depth technical information.

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