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PXR Frame Grabber Family
Specifications & Features Overview


  • Bus PCI bus master design for real-time image capture
  • Input composite video format Monochrome, RS-170 (NTSC), CCIR (PAL), interlace, progressive scan and resettable
  • Input video Software selectable termination (75 ohms or 10K ohms)
  • Resolution RS-170: 640 x 480 pixels (maximum 768 x 486 pixels); CCIR: 768 x 576 pixels; 256 gray level, 8 bit
  • Power + 5 VDC, PCI, 700 mA
  • Camera power + 12V at 1A for four cameras
  • Supported operating systems Win 98, 98-SE, 2000, ME, NT4, XP
  • Supported languages C/C++, C#, Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET


  • Sampling jitter ± 2.6 ns with 1-line resync from reset; 0 using pixel clock input
  • Video noise <- 0.5 LSB (least significant bit)
  • Software programmable look up tables (LUTs) 256-byte programmable
  • External trigger Four optically isolated or TTL trigger inputs
  • Strobe and exposure output One strobe output, two exposure outputs (up to four pulses, up to 59.99 min)
  • General purpose input/output (I/O) Four TTL inputs, four TTL outputs
  • Video multiplexing Up to four video inputs (switch on trigger)
  • On-board memory 8MB image FIFO memory
  • Direct memory access (DMA) Dual mode -- incremental or burst options
  • Flexible memory allocation Through scatter/gather technology
  • ImageInfo "Stamps" images with complete image acquisition status information
  • Programmable linear offset and gain ­
  • Standard product Verified to FCC Part 15 Class A requirements. Full compliance to CE EMC standards (EN-55022, EN-55024, CISPR-22)
  • Software and manual CD included on first purchase
  • Compatible with CVB, Halcon, ActiVision Tools and Xcaliper

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PXR Cables & Accessories


The Imagenation PXR800 frame grabber and PXR801 camera extender board have high-density DB-26 connectors for camera interface (two each).

There are no commercially available cabling solutions for the PXR800 through third party vendors. You have the option to purchase Imagenation PXR800 cables - two designs of pre-wired cables are available — the Full Use Cable (CB-081) and the Video/Trigger Only Cable (CB-082) — or build the cables yourself (refer to Chapter 5 of the User's Guide).

Full Use Cable (CB-081) provides the user access to each of the signals on the PXR800 26-pin connector, allowing for easy interconnection of system hardware and detailed application development. All signals are made available on BNC connectors except 12V power, which is provided on a 2.5mm inside diameter female power plug and the optically isolated trigger signals, which are on a 3 pin female DIN connector. For complete connector pin assignments and cable design advice, refer to Chapter 5 of the User's Guide, Cables and Connectors.

Video/Trigger Only Cable (CB-082) provides only the video input and TTL trigger input, each on a BNC connector, permitting quick implementation of simple image capture applications.

Camera Extender Board

A separate Camera Extender Board (PXR801) enables easy, cost-effective cabling and set-up for 3- and 4-camera applications. This device plugs into the PXR800 and provides two additional 26-pin connectors for attaching the third and fourth cameras.

PXR Cables & Accessories
List Price
Full Use Cable
$ 270.00
Video/Trigger Only Camera
$ 55.00
Camera Extender Board
$ 150.00

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